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Uganda: Oil and Gas Graduates Will Soon Be in High Demand - Rubondo
Posted Date 2015/12/14 06:23

The commissioner for Petroleum Exploration and Production, Ernest Rubondo, has encouraged students ready to work in the oil industry not to lose hope, but continue to upgrade their skills as they wait for the first barrel to be refined.


Rubondo says although the sector is only employing a small fraction of workers now, there will be plenty of job opportunities after 2018. Rubondo was speaking during a graduation ceremony for 17 students from the Institute of Petroleum Studies (IPS) - Kampala last week. The graduands received diplomas and certificates.


"I have worked with IPS since its inception and I would like to thank them for the great work they are doing, as the mother ministry, it is our duty to train people on matters concerning the sector though we have not adequately done that," he said.


Rubondo explained that Uganda's oil and gas sector is still young and anyone with the knowledge and expertise in matters concerning the sector will be in high demand 2020.


"As we are planning to give out more exploration and production licenses , skills are going to be needed; so, don't think you are wasted; I know we will want the technical people in the field but we will also need people who will be know the legal and accounting part of the sector," he said.


Students pose with their certificates after graduation Photo: Alfred Ochwo

The institute, headed by Patrick Ruharuza, the chief executive officer, has been conducting short courses in oil and gas operations over the last six months. Nine of the graduating students were awarded diplomas in oil and gas management, while 10 received certificates in essentials of gas and oil management. Ruharuza was also optimistic about the sector's opportunities.


"We know that the sector has a lot of stereotyping, this is just a mindset but is it is changed, and people are trained to handle the resources," he said. "Uganda can develop rapidly and people living standards and incomes can improve within the shortest time."


"The training will help Ugandans have informed debates in the oil and gas sector; there has been a fallacy that oil is a curse in African countries but if things are put properly from the on-set as we is doing, oil can't be a curse but a blessing."


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