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Classic cars awarded at Downtown Dubai festival
Posted Date 2016/03/31 00:42

The red carpet was rolled out in Downtown Dubai on Saturday afternoon, but it wasn't Hollywood or Bollywood stars gracing it, instead it was something a little older and a little classier. Revving their way up the carpet was 25 of the 380 impressive automobiles on show at this year's Emirates Classic Car Festival.


Saturday's red carpet models were among the winning classic cars, motorbikes and trucks which were picked by a panel of judges made up of experts in the field. Taking first prize for the 'Public Choice' award was Hasnain and his 1957 Bentley S1.


Competing for the first time at the festival, Hasnain said he has always been a "petrol head" but his interest for classic cars only peaked in the last two years. "My day job is in real estate but my passion is cars. I have a whole fleet of them now, four of which are classic models."


Among his array of cars Hasnain owns a 1960 Mercedes-Benz 190SL, a 1969 E-type Jaguar, a 1976 Ferrari 308 GT4 Dino and his wining Bentley S1. Spending about 10 hours each week maintaining and restoring the cars, he said it's a passion, not a commitment. But like many of the winners, he admitted it's an "expensive hobby".


Joining Hasnain on Saturday's winning line up was Dubai resident Tarek Hasbini.Pulling up to receive his award for 'Best Open Top' in his 1971 Mercdes-Benz 280 SL Pagoda, Hasbini was accompanied by his two young sons. Speaking to Khaleej Times after his unsuspecting win, he said car restoration is definitely a family passion.


"I have eight Mercedes' now and I often hear my sons deciding which one will be there's when I pass them on. They're very much interested in cars just like their father." Calling car restoration a "true passion", Hasbini said he doesn't count the time or money he spends working on the cars because he is doing it for the love of it.


"There is no doubt it is an expensive hobby but everybody spends money on things they love. I've been known to spend 12 hours working on one of my Mercedes without stopping for even a glass of water."


Saturday's impressive show pulled the crowds to Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard including German expatriate Dani Widera and her son Johann. And of the 380 vehicles on show, including 45 classic motorcycles, Johann had a clear favourite.


"The old Porsche Zagato. That was a real classic. I've never seen it before and I've seen a lot of cars."

And the winners are:

'Best in Show' - 1950 mercedes benz 170 (select nano)

'UAE award' - mercedes benz 450 SL (Mohammad al Tahery)

The Dubai - Skoda Felicia (balint szeoke)

The Emaar - ferrari Dino (Tomini classics)

European Car - mercedes benz 220s (Gargash family)

american Car - 1963 chevrolet corvette stingray (Khalil Gerges)

british car - ford consul (General Tariq al Qimzi)

Best open Top - mercedes benz pagoda (Tarek Hasbini)

Pre-world war II - rolls-royce (sharjah old car museum)

heritage Car - mercedes 300 (abdullah Khalid)

Best recreation - 1958 porsche Zagato (select nano)

Club merit - The uae classic mini cooper club

Best microcar - mini cooper rover (majid saleh al nimr)

modern Classic - cadillac fleetwood Talisman (Wayne stewart)

Classic Truck - 1960's pinzgauer (Tariq Javiad)

Custom 4x4 - land rover minerva (nostalgia)

first Public Choice - bentley s1 1957 (mr Hasnain)

2nd Public Choice - citroen Traction avant (nostalgia)

3rd Public Choice - mercedes benz 280se (mohammed Yusuf)

Custom motorcycle - royal enfield 500cc

street Tracker (marco moto)

Classic motorcycle - 1972 Harley Davidson Xr750 TT (Tomini classics)

original motorcycle - 1952 mv augusta 125cc Tel (Hayder al ani)

Winners of the three new categories for the 2016 edition include: Concours legendary - (adel rajab for his mercedes benz 1955 300 sel Gullwing)

Concours D'Elegance - (TT custom for the 1957 Desoto sportsman)

Concours Best Design - (Tomini classics for the 1976 lancia stratos Hf) 

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